I am interested in TOP Professionals. How can I book an instructing service from them?

Top Professionals have received the highest customer ratings. TOP Professionals can belong to any of the badge-levels and you can search them by location or sport. Top Professionals can be booked 24 hours prior to the desired time. You can find TOP Professionals from the “Most Popular Professionals” -section.
I am interested in using VIVO Professional’s service for my own staff and take care of the salary payments to my employees according to employee contracts.
VIVO Professional’s deputy management service can be connected to the company’s own employees and company’s own services. In this case the marketplace booking payments are bypassed and customer pays the monthly fee of the VIVO Professional’s service usage. This requires that billing agreement of the VIVO Professional’s service is made with VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd.
The Agreement Customer with VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd shall have own account and sub-users who have the right to search and book company employees for job assignments and deputy needs. Company employees who are booked via VIVO Professional’s service can initiate deputy requests by themselves and send requests to deputy candidates if allowed by the employer. This saves time and effort from company managers or designees even still maintaining the supervisor role.
If you are interested in introducing the deputy management solution at your company, VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd sales team is pleased to help you. Let’s planned together a suitable solution for your business.

What are the terms of booking cancellation and/or modification?

A confirmed booking can be canceled or changed free of charge 72 hours prior to your scheduled service date. Otherwise, the service will be charged 100% of the price.

Why the Professional of my booking was changed?

When Professional falls ill or is prevented to deliver the service, the booking is transferred to a deputy Professional who meets the criteria of the original booking. If the Professional with equivalent performance criteria cannot be found, the customer has the option to accept or reject the service from another Professional, change the type of service or move the service to the time when the original Professional is available again. All changes are handled case by case basis and we always try to find a solution, that satisfies all the parties.

How far can I make scheduled bookings for the future?

Reservations can be made 3 months in advance. If there is need for a longer booking period, please contact us at info@VIVOwarriors.com

What is the difference between ”Fast booking” and “Book Professional”?

Fast Booking allows you to book instructing service according to your selection criteria: location, sport service, badge-level and rating. VIVO Professional’s service will automatically search for the Professionals who meet the selection criteria and send booking request for available Professionals. The Professional who is the first one to accept the request gets the assignment for him/herself.
You can also search for and book the desired Professional from VIVO Professional’s pool. You can browse the Professionals based on the service, badge, rating, view their profiles and filter the list of Professionals according to your own selection criteria. When you find your preferred Professional, you can make the reservation by selecting the free time slot from Professional’s online calendar.

How Can I Maximize My Benefits at VIVO Professional’s Service?

Be active in accepting the customer requests. Particularly with regards to fast booking and deputy need requests. Active Professionals benefit from increased visibility and have more options to collect customer rating in VIVO Professional’s market place.

Keep your availability up-to-date in application calendar. Customers should be able to trust the declared free time spots in your calendar.

Take care of your job commitments, delight customers and proof your professional service delivery skills, then you start receiving good ratings. Professionals with high rating enjoy the TOP Professional visibility at VIVO Professional’s service and have opportunity to receive more booking requests.

Find deputy Professionals in time and help other Professionals in case of deputy needs.

Be important part of the VIVO Professional’s team. Together, we will create a high-quality and reliable service. Together we can increase the customer base and the number of loyal customers. In our team, you succeed and get more job opportunities.

How is My Privacy Protected?

We follow the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act and the service provider’s personal data nor contact details are not shared outside.

For safety reasons we do not publish the full name of the Professional but only the first name and picture that Professional has defined for his profile are visible in the marketplace. Profile picture must be appropriate and professional. VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd reserves the right to remove all inappropriate pictures and profile text.All booking communication with customers is handled via VIVO Professional’s booking system.

More information on the Privacy Policy: here.

Why Should I join?

By joining VIVO Professional’s team you can enjoy the active marketing and customer acquisition. Thus, you have the opportunity to benefit of multiple job offers according to your skills and activity level.

In VIVO Professional’s marketplace you can advertise your skills through your own profile. Professional profile covers profile text drawn up by yourself, picture, education level data, badge-level and rating given by customers.

Top Professional leader board provides premium level visibility to high rated Professionals. TOP Professionals and Professional talent attract customers. If you are active and receive good scores from customer, you can enjoy better visibility and surely receive more job offers.

You have probably sometimes been sick or traveling, and requiring a substitute to take over your job commitments. Finding a deputy Professional is important part of reliable service provisioning. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of the functionality offered by VIVO Professional’s service and transfer customer bookings for a deputy Professional. Need for a deputy request is sent to all Professionals who meet the requirements of original customer’s request. Your booking is transferred to Professional who is the first one to accept the deputy request.

In VIVO Professional’s team you have the opportunity to enjoy of multiple work offers, build your own brand, network with other Professionals and more importantly enjoy the visibility and marketing power offered by VIVO Professional’s service.

Can I Join If I Don’t Have a Company?

VIVO Professionals operate as entrepreneurs or from the ground of light entrepreneurship. If you don’t have company on your own, you can choose to register as employee into light entrepreneurship service provider and use the received ID and bankaccount.

What Does the Qualification Contain?

All Professionals are qualified for the education and skills. The aim of the qualification is to secure that service provisioning is delivered in a professional manner, taking into account the service quality requirements and expectations of superior customer experience. Qualification may contain, depending on the nature of the service and related requirements, verification of education, certificates, employment history as well as verification and/or demonstration of skills.

After qualification, you are assigned a BADGE-level.

What If I Don’t Pass the Qualification?

If you don’t pass the qualification for all services/skills you have selected, you will get feedback from qualifier and opportunity to complete qualification later once you have had enough time to develop your skills.

You are anyhow allowed to start delivering and instructing the Services/Skills you pass in the first qualification.

Is badge Level Mandatory?

Badge level is not mandatory. You can always choose the badge-level “No badge”.

How Do I Get Paid?

VIVO Professionals operate as entrepreneurs or on the basis of light entrepreneurship. You are paid based on the delivered services as paid by customers. We charge the commission from the customer price. We pay to your company’s bank account or bank account of your chosen light entrepreneurship service provider. This is to safeguard that the statutory employee contributions are handled properly.

Customers with billing agreement of VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd can to use the VIVO Professional’s service without booking specific payments and thus can pay the salary to Professionals they have booked. This requires that billing agreement is made with VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd.

Can My Current Employer Pay Salary To Me?

Customer who wish to use VIVO Professional’s booking service for its own employees, can subscribe as a billing agreement customer with VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd. This means agreement customers pay for the usage of the service platform without booking specific payments and are liable to pay the salary to Professionals they have booked. All other customer without this agreement shall pay the booking payment(s) in VIVO Professional’s service.

What If I Receive Bad Customer Ratings?

We want that all our Professionals have possibility to succeed. Therefore, we invest in qualification upfront to ensure that all Professionals are able to deliver the services safely and in professional manner as required by the service in question.

If you receive bad ratings, we shall together analyze the root causes and find the ways for you to succeed as well and/or find new services/skills for you to enhance your strengths. Every Professional is important to us. Together we are strong and have good options to excel.

All customer dissatisfaction cases are investigated for continuous improvement purposes. Therefore, it’s important that also Professional remind customers to provide rating & feedback as that helps us to improve and develop our service.

What I Get Sick and Cannot Take Care of My Work Commitments?

We all get sick sometimes or have some mandatory commitments outside the work life to be taken care of. We have taken that aspect into account as well as. Our solution offers fast and easy way for you to find the deputy Professional. Latest 4hrs before the confirmed customer booking, you may send automatic deputy search request to all Professionals according to the original customer booking request. The Professional who is the first one to accept, gets your work assignment. You remain fully committed and responsible for your work assignment as long as it’s transferred to a new Professional. Work assignment transfer happens automatically once new Professional accepts the request you have sent.

It’s always critical and challenging to find the deputy Professional, thus the 4hrs time limit has been set. Otherwise customer and VIVO administrators will receive an alert of customer booking that is at a risk to be cancelled. We want to offer reliable services to customer and therefore every missed customer booking is loss of business to you but also to VIVO Warriors Oy Ltd. Every cancellation alert is investigated for possible consequences as described in Terms of Service Agreement.



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